Find food, smart & easy

Look for burgers and we'll show you burgers, fast. Fancy a pasta instead? sure, go ahead and search and get a list of restaurants and their pasta!

No need to waste your time. No need to go through photos of restaurant menus. No need to read a blog (nothing against blog readers). No need to read reviews about rude waiters when all you care about is the food. At Droolie, we want you to find food to eat FAST.

Download the app to start finding food fast.

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Only what you want to see

Wherever you are, the app will only show you a list of restaurants nearby with the food on the menu that we think will match what you are looking for.

We automatically hide other food from those same restaurants that we think are not relevant to your search.

We won't show you a list of kebabs or photos of menus when you want to see selections of burgers.

Food centric

You can search for every food in a menu and contribute.

You can add a photo for a food, you can rate it and you can also see its dietary and taste information (we do our best but makes no guarantee).

Like everything else that seems to be smart these days (from light bulbs to kettles), we think our menu is also smart and we have big plans for them (This will surely excite you nerds out there, don't worry we are like you too, we are food+IT nerds).

Download the app to join us.

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Strive to be better for you

Let's be honest that there are always a lot of rooms for improvement. We are always adding more into our app ranging from new features to more restaurants, food or menu. We are also constantly improving from your feedback and we need you to keep sending them through. If you found anything you want to see, anything missing or inaccurate or just plain rubbish, do let us know and we'll be right on it. Contact us here